Pathways Australia – VCOSS Member Benefits

VCOSS Link has partnered with Pathways Australia In order to offer our members accessible,  high quality resources, advice and professional development opportunities.

Pathways Australia has a reputation of providing excellent training, resources and advice specifically for community service organisations. Areas of expertise for Pathways Australia include:

  • Governance
  • Financial planning and management including income generation
  • Human resource management
  • Strategic and annual planning, and
  • Risk management

Benefits available to VCOSS members from Pathways Australia:

  • 25% off full price of any Pathways Australia seminar or workshop

To access this benefit, please contact VCOSS Link team (details below).

  • Free telephone advisory service

15 minutes of telephone advice about management issues such as:

  • Governance
  • Income generation
  • All aspects of human resource management
  • Strategic and annual planning
  • Financial management
  • Risk management

To access this benefit, please contact Pathways directly on 1300 212 212 or visit:

  • 40% discount for the following membership packages

Each of these packages entitles the organisation to access tools, resources and advice that significantly enhance performance and outcomes

  • Fundraising/Income Generation, including review and written feedback of grant applications 
  • General Management
  • Human Resource Management/Industrial Relations
  • 40% off online resources

To access these discounts, please contact the VCOSS Link team on

T: 9235 1010 (Renata)