Emergency Relief

The 2013 edition of the state government’s Emergency Relief Handbook 2013  is now available.

The Salvation Army’s Still Standing is an interactive website and online film for people affected by natural disasters, with advice from experts, such as medical practitioners who specialise in disaster recovery, and a section on helping children to understand and cope in hard times. There is also the opportunity for people to tell their own stories through submitting them to the website.

Red Cross has a range of information and resources to help people understand what might be experienced when they are recovering from an emergency and what they to do to help themselves. Red Cross also have a range of resources for agencies working with people who have been impacted by an emergency.

The Victorian Government’s Bushfire Recovery Services Guide provides information on a wide range government and non-government services that can help in ongoing rebuilding and recovery for people impacted by the 2009 bushfires.

In addition, the Victorian Government’s Recovery website offers information and advice to people affected by recent emergency events.

EACH has a dedicated website for people affected by the 2009 Bushfires – Black Saturday and Beyond. The website encourages people to share their stories, and provides a range of information and resources.