Advocacy Sector Conversations Forum 2016 – Forum Summaries

Forum summaries from the popular DARU Advocacy Sector Conversations Forums are now available:

  • State Disability Plan consultation
    This session was dedicated to a consultation process to provide feedback for shaping the next State Disability Plan 2017-2020 The facilitators were Llewellyn Reynders, Policy Manager, and Carly Nowell, Policy Analyst from VCOSS.
  • NDIS Opportunities for Organisations training series
    Catherine McAlpine, Senior Manager of NDIS Disability Loop, from Australian Federation of Disability Organisations (AFDO) introduced the NDIS Opportunities training series that have been developed to resource and assist small community organisations as they navigate the significant changes the new market environment brings.
  • Becoming a NDIS Service Provider
    Paul Brady, Coordinator at Colac and Otway Ranges Advocacy Service (CORAS), and Carole Okai, Executive Officer at Assert 4 All, will step us through the process in becoming an NDIS Service Provider.

A full list of summaries from all of the DARU Advocacy Sector Conversations is available here.

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