2016 – Bank Australia-VCOSS Finance Network Events


The INs and OUTs of co-design
6 December 2016

The event explored the transformative power of co-design and co-production with service users, what co-design is and what it takes to do it well, and how to put co-design into practice. The event was facilitated by Chris Vanstone from The Australian Centre for Social Innovation (TASCI) and featured guest presenter Dr Sarah Pollock, Senior Advisor Policy & Strategy, Mind Australia.

The marketisation of social services
6 June 2016

This event explored the potential for markets to positively affect the social and human services landscape, and considered the limitations of markets, and how to protect vulnerable people from these limitations. Featuring:

This event also featured a panel discussion on how organisations can approach these changes:

  • Graham Dangerfield, Baptcare – Preparing for a market based approach
  • Kim Koop, VICSERV – A mental health service perspective
  • Carl Thompson, Disability Loop Project Officer, Australian Federation of Disability Organisations – The need for disability advocacy

Outcome measurement and evaluation
16 February 2016

This event discussed the need for effective and meaningful outcome measurements for community service organisations and also government. Featuring:

  • Lauren Costello, Department of Premier and Cabinet – State Government approaches to outcomes. Download Lauren’s presentation
  • Cathy Humphrey, CEO, Sacred Heart Mission – Successful approaches to outcome development and measurement. Download Cathy’s presentation
  • Helen Riseborough, CEO, Women’s Health In the North – Successful approaches to measuring outcomes in challenging areas. Download Helen’s presentation
  • Associate Professor Greet Peersman, Deputy Director BetterEvaluation Project, Centre for Applied Social Research, Global, Urban and Social Studies – RMIT University – Approaches to common outcome measures and impact-oriented monitoring and evaluation. Download Greet’s presentation


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