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Writing Funding Applications

Finding an Auspice Organisation – Youth Central

Finding an Auspice Organisation- Youth Central Sometimes grants are set up so that only organisations, and not individuals or groups of individuals can apply for them. That doesn't mean that you have to give up on the idea of applying for that grant, though. You could still apply for it with the help of an auspice organisation. Check Youth Central's website for more information.

Grant Writing Guide – Sustainability Victoria

The purpose of this document is to provide a guide for businesses looking to apply for sustainability grants. This should help give applicants an idea of what needs to be kept in mind when writing an application and what pitfalls can be avoided. Grant Writing Guide

How to Write a Successful Grant Application – Our Community

Our Community has produced a guide, tools and resources to maximise success for community organisations and NFPs who are applying for grants. Visit the Our Community Grants Help Centre.    

Step-by-step guide from Philanthropy Australia

Seeking Funding as a Charitable Organisation: Step-by-Step Guide This guide from Philanthropy Australia helps you to
  • ascertain the charitable status of your organisation.
  • use The Australian Directory of Philanthropy, make a shortlist of foundations which may be able to fund your project.
  • contact each of these organisations individually to obtain their most current set of guidelines.
  • consider attending a Grantseeker Workshop.
  • make your application

ATO Fundraising Guide

Fundraising Guide from the Australian Taxation Office The guide explains the tax treatment of various fundraising activities and the concessions available. It also outlines all state, territory and local government requirements in relation to fundraising