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Strategic Planning

Not-for-Profit Mergers Toolkit – NOUS

The decision to merge is a big one and the process of successfully bringing two (or more) organisations together is rarely straightforward. This online toolkit designed by Nous Group and Whitelion enables users to understand the opportunities and challenges of merging and serves as a reference point across each of the four stages of the merger journey: Assess – what are the potential risks and benefits of a merger? Prepare – how will we know we are ready for a merger? Negotiate – how do we negotiate the terms of a successful merger? Integrate – how do we transform a vision for a merger in to reality? This NFP merger toolkit is designed to demystify some of the trickier aspects of what can become a lengthy and costly exercise, which may be of great assistance to your organisation!

Draw ‘How to make toast’: An Introduction to Systems Thinking and Wicked Problem Solving

DrawToast workshops, created by recognized global thought-leader, Tom Wujec, are a great way to get groups to think freshly about mental models. Tom studies collaborative creativity, wicked problem-solving and the impact of emerging technologies on how we design and make things. During a DrawToast workshop, each person has 3 minutes to sketch a diagram of how to make toast. When comparing diagrams, people are shocked at how diverse the diagrams are, revealing a wide range of models of what's important in making toast. It's a great launch pad for drawing out what's really important to the group which can result in combating those tricky problems with collaborative strategy. See a brief outline of DrawToast workshops here. Download the DrawToast Systems Thinking Guide here.  

Small Business SuccessMap

Small Business SuccessMap is a Victorian Government initiative to help stimulate growth and resilience in small businesses by supporting business owners and managers to build their business planning and management capability through specialist assistance, tools and templates The program supports business owners and managers to build their business planning and management capability and to become more responsive in a changing business environment.  An independent business planning specialist will work with eligible businesses to assess their strategic goals and objectives, and help them develop and implement business and workforce development plans. To apply for this program, click here.

Strategic Business Planning – Office for the Community Sector

Adapting to a new operating environment and managing change The Office for the Community Sector's Strategic Business Planning page includes information, links and resources for community organisations and NFPs taking the opportunity to review, reflect and change, to remain relevant and responsive and become more effective and efficient to ensure their sustainability. The OCS has also compiled a range of case studies to explain how some NFPs have responded to the challenges emerging across the community sector, to ensure longer term sustainability of their organisation: