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The Volunteer’s Journey – A step-by-step guide to locating and recruiting volunteers

With this tool you can draw out those aspects in your strategy that help volunteers make a decision about who and where they will volunteer. Some of the deciding factors may include: the goals of your organisation the actual work that needs to be done what support and training you offer whether they have the necessary skills to undertake the task the times and days that volunteer will need to come in. The recruitment process is divided into a number of steps, each beginning with: questions the volunteer will ask themselves questions you and your organisation would be asking in response action steps you can take to bridge the gap between the volunteer’s wants and your needs. The purpose of the step-by-step guide is to help you understand what will bring a volunteer to your door but you can find many more resources to help you and your volunteers on the Volunteering Australia website.

Strategic onboarding delivers engagement, retention, results

This article and guide from Charity Village outlines some crucial steps to correctly onboard your new staff. While the research and examples are Canadian, the message remains valuable to us here in Victoria: onboarding employees during their first year of employment increases retention rates.

Community Resource Handbooks – Volunteering QLD

These handbooks consolidate the knowledge gained through Volunteering QLD's community leadership work with more than 2,000 community groups over the past fifteen years. They are designed to assist community groups to begin, manage and grow. Content is tailored to help small charitable community groups run primarily by volunteers, with limited resources and time. Starting a Community Group Running an Effective Group Working with People Day to Day Operations Creating Connections Resources & Links

Making the most of partnership: Employee Volunteering Programs Guide for not for profit organisations

Volunteers can be attracted to not for profit (NFP) organisations through a variety of means. Many come individually, drawn to your organisation’s activities through their personal networks and community links – or even through your organisation’s own recruitment drives for volunteers. To maximise the benefits of employee volunteering, it is essential that both the not-for-profit organisation and the business understand how each side operates. This guide is based on Volunteering Victoria’s extensive experience in advising and working with NFPs and employers to build partnerships.

Volunteer Management Toolkit – Volunteering Victoria

Attracting and retaining volunteers is not easy, largely because volunteering involves freedom of choice on the part of the volunteer. People who feel empowered, rewarded and appreciated in their volunteer role are more likely to contribute to and continue in that role. Implementing a comprehensive and successful volunteer program requires time, commitment and personnel, as well as an understanding of why people volunteer. To help you manage your volunteers, Volunteering Victoria have developed the Volunteer Management Toolkit, a range of simple tools and templates – feel free to download these template and adapt then to the needs of your organisation.

The National Standards for Volunteer Involvement

The National Standards for Involving Volunteers in Not for Profit Organisations represent best practice in volunteer management. The National Standards provide a model for supporting and involving volunteers in your organisation, covering eight key areas:
  • Policies and procedures
  • Management responsibilities
  • Recruitment
  • Work and the workplace
  • Training and development
  • Service delivery
  • Documentation
  • Continuous improvement.
Following the standards will ensure that volunteer rights are protected, that their role is clear and that they work in a safe and healthy environment. Many organisations use the National Standards as the basis for their Code of practice. The National Standards are not mandatory but you may wish to identify the areas that are of most relevance and importance to your organisation right now and focus on those.

Manage your Volunteers

The resources below can be accessed via the Volunteering Victoria Portal. Articles in this collection focus on the 'people' side of your volunteer programs, looking at many of the issues around attracting, recruiting, training, supporting and rewarding volunteers. Select a topic to find out more:

Victoria’s Volunteering Portal

Victoria's Volunteering Portal is a great resource for volunteers and volunteer-seeking community organisations alike. The site allows organisations to list and promote volunteering opportunities in a searchable database. The Portal also hosts a range of resources designed to support the process of engaging and managing a volunteer workforce.