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Risk Assessment

Child Safe Standards

Victoria is introducing compulsory minimum standards that will apply to organisations that provide services for children to help ensure the safety of children. This page includes a list of in scope organisations for the proposed child safe standards, which will come into effect for phase 1 organisations on 1 January 2016. The Commission for Children & Young People is responsible for assisting Category 1 and 2 organisations to be compliant with the new mandatory Child Safe Standards, and have developed a helpful guide and tip sheets.

Child Protection Toolkit

The Child Protection Toolkit has been created by Moores and Our Community as part of our shared commitment to promoting child safety, and helping not-for-profit organisations ensure compliance with the complex web of legislation in this area. The toolkit is designed to be read by school council members, principals and senior teachers, as well as board/committee members and senior managers of any not-for-profit organisation that works with children, though anyone can and should take it upon themselves to ensure every organisation is acting appropriately. Download the Child Protection Toolkit

Child Safe Standards Resources

Victoria has introduced compulsory minimum standards for organisations that provide services for children to help protect children from abuse. The child safe standards will apply to organisations from 1 January 2016. Education, awareness raising and helping organisations to create and maintain child safe environments will be the initial focus of the child safe standards. The Victorian government has released a toolkit for organisations, which includes guidance on human resources, good leadership and what to do if a child discloses abuse. They can be downloaded below:  

Risk Management for Not for Profit Organisations – Volunteering NSW

Risk management is good business practice and can assist with meeting a range of compliance, statutory, organisational and governance requirements. This document via Volunteering NSW is for all those in not-for-profit organisations who are responsible for risk management - executive directors, managers, senior staff, and any other relevant officers. It provides a step-by-step approach to help you identify, assess, monitor and manage risk in your organisation.

Effective Risk Management – Broadleaf

These resources produced by Broadleaf, specialists at dealing with uncertainty, complexity and risk assessment, give useful, practical advice in an easy to follow format. A suite of presentations is available here including topics such as 'Do you have a sound risk management framework?' 'The concept of risk' and 'Cracking a dozen myths about risk management'. See Broadleaf's full list of risk related resources here.