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Occupational Health and Safety

Tips for promoting a safety culture – WorkSafe Victoria

See this webpage for some practical tips on encouraging OHS awareness in your organisation or workplace.

Training Checklist for young workers – WorkSafe Victoria

This checklist is a guideline for conducting a general health and safety induction for all young workers, whether they are working: • permanently full or part time • casually full or part time • on labour hire • as an apprentice or trainee • as part of a work experience or structured workplace learning program. You need to tailor this checklist to suit your own workplace and workers, including particular cultural, language and literacy needs. The items covered in each section are relevant to all employers. Find more in-depth information on supervising young workers via the WorkSafe website here.

Officewise – A guide to health & safety in the office – Worksafe Victoria

This guide created by Worksafe Victoria promotes health and safety in the office and is designed as a resource for managers, supervisors and anyone involved in office work. It brings together a range of information and provides references where more information is necessary. Officewise: A Guide to Health and Safety in the Office is based on a risk management approach to office health and safety – a consultative process to identify hazards, assess their risks and control them as far as possible. This approach should be adopted in the design and management of offices, work carried out in them, and the selection and use of furniture and equipment.

First Aid in the Workplace – WorkSafe Victoria

This compliance code provides practical guidance to employers on how to comply with duties under the law to provide appropriate first aid facilities in workplaces. It best applies to employers, Health and safety representatives (HSRs) and other employees.

OHS Reps at Work – Victorian Trades Hall Council

This website curated by VTHC has plenty of resources, checklists and links to help you understand and employ good OH&S practices in your organisation. Topics include: First Aid - what are the requirements General workplace inspections Checklists for stress OH&S for business and administration And so much more. See full website here.

Workplace Bullying

Bullying can happen in any workplace. It can have an impact on an individual’s health and affect their ability to do their job. Workplace bullying is characterised by persistent and repeated negative behaviour directed at an employee that creates a risk to health and safety. For information and advice for workers and employers to prevent and respond to workplace bullying view WorkSafe’s guide WorkSafe bullying – prevention and response.

Workcover Victoria – Injury and Claims

Are you an injured worker? Follow the worker journey to find out how to make a claim and what you can do to get back to work quicker. Are you an employer? Follow the employer journey to find out what to do if one of your workers gets injured, and how you can help them return to work Visit the Victoria Workcover website.      

Role of the OHS Committee

Role of Health and Safety Committees: A Comprehensive Handbook for Workplaces from WorkSafe.

Improve Workplace Safety – Do your own Inspection

Follow the steps on to help you identify some simple things you can do to improve safety for your workplace. Do your own OHS Inspection They will help you make long term, sustainable improvements to safety in your workplace.

Worksafe – OHS Laws and Regulations

In Victoria, workplace health and safety is governed by a system of laws, regulations and compliance codes which set out the responsibilities of employers and workers to ensure that safety is maintained at work. For more information, tool kits and guides, visit the Laws and Regulations page of the WorkSafe website.