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MOU Templates

MOUs for community organisations: Justice Connect Not-for-profit Law

This page is to help Victorian community organisations to understand the main circumstances when a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) may be suitable to document an agreement between two organisations. The information on this website is intended as a guide only, and is not legal advice. If you or your organisation has a specific legal issue, you should seek advice before making a decision about what to do. Information, including when an MOU is appropriate, templates, examples and Victorian-specific fact sheet can be found here on Justice Connects's Not-for-profit Law Information Hub.

Memorandum of Understanding templates

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) highlights the objectives and management arrangements of a partnership. It may also detail communication, information sharing and consultation processes.    

Community Sector and Business Partnerships Toolkit

This free tool kit has been produced by the Office for the Community Sector to provide a logical step-by-step process for building and maintaining relationships between business and NFP organisations. It provides practical tools, templates - including a template for MOUs - and links to other useful resources. Community organisations mat not find it necessary to do all the activities in this tool kit- just select those activities you find helpful. Community Sector and Business Partnerships Tool Kit