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The ‘how to’ guide to parental leave – Workplace gender Equality Agency

This guide addresses all you need to consider regarding paid parental leave in the workplace. Includes current workplace examples to help shape your organisation's parental leave structure:
  • Employer-provided paid parental leave
  • The Australian Government’s Paid Parental Leave scheme
  • Current practices in WGEA Reporting Organisations
  • What employers need to be aware of
  • Questions and Answers
  • Checklist for employers

Not-for-Profit Mergers Toolkit – NOUS

The decision to merge is a big one and the process of successfully bringing two (or more) organisations together is rarely straightforward. This online toolkit designed by Nous Group and Whitelion enables users to understand the opportunities and challenges of merging and serves as a reference point across each of the four stages of the merger journey: Assess – what are the potential risks and benefits of a merger? Prepare – how will we know we are ready for a merger? Negotiate – how do we negotiate the terms of a successful merger? Integrate – how do we transform a vision for a merger in to reality? This NFP merger toolkit is designed to demystify some of the trickier aspects of what can become a lengthy and costly exercise, which may be of great assistance to your organisation!

The Foundations of a well-run Not-for-Profit

What makes a not-for-profit 'well-run'?  Good Foundations recently conducted a survey to help identify "what makes a not-for-profit well-run?" The objective of the research was to clarify how the sector defines and measures whether or not a not-for-profit organisation is 'well-run'.  The survey indicated that the two most important elements in being well-run are:
  1. Being crystal clear on your purpose, vision and direction
  2. Having great people, with a particular focus on great leadership.
By reflecting on the issues raised in the survey it is hoped that ultimately as a sector we all move towards being better run. The full report and finding can be found here.