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Human Resources

4 Benefits of Adopting Remote Employee

This resource from the MBA@Syracuse program highlights the financial and productivity benefits of incorporating telecommuting or remote working into a company. Also explained are tips on how to manage a remote work program and hire the right employers.

Child Safe Standards Resources

Victoria has introduced compulsory minimum standards for organisations that provide services for children to help protect children from abuse. The child safe standards will apply to organisations from 1 January 2016. Education, awareness raising and helping organisations to create and maintain child safe environments will be the initial focus of the child safe standards. The Victorian government has released a toolkit for organisations, which includes guidance on human resources, good leadership and what to do if a child discloses abuse. They can be downloaded below:  

Parental Leave – Fair Work Ombudsman

Find a wealth of information and links on best practice parental leave for mothers, fathers and workplaces.

The ‘how to’ guide to parental leave – Workplace gender Equality Agency

This guide addresses all you need to consider regarding paid parental leave in the workplace. Includes current workplace examples to help shape your organisation's parental leave structure:
  • Employer-provided paid parental leave
  • The Australian Government’s Paid Parental Leave scheme
  • Current practices in WGEA Reporting Organisations
  • What employers need to be aware of
  • Questions and Answers
  • Checklist for employers

Training and Supporting volunteers from CALD backgrounds

This training manual from Volunteering Australia has been designed to enable trainers to deliver customised training yo managers and others within volunteer organisations. The manual covers and introduction and four modules focused on planning, recruitment, orienting and supporting volunteers.

Practical Guide to involving volunteers from CALD backgrounds

This practical guide from Volunteering Australia provides useful background information on volunteers from diverse backgrounds and practical steps to help organisations recruit and retain them. The guide contains three modules covering context, recruitment and best practice, and two modules focused on recruiting women and young Muslims as volunteers.

Workforce Strategy Toolkit – NTCOSS

This toolkit from NTCOSS contains information sheets, templates and guidelines to help you advertise, recruit and induct in the not-for-profit space.

Strategic onboarding delivers engagement, retention, results

This article and guide from Charity Village outlines some crucial steps to correctly onboard your new staff. While the research and examples are Canadian, the message remains valuable to us here in Victoria: onboarding employees during their first year of employment increases retention rates.

The Foundations of a well-run Not-for-Profit

What makes a not-for-profit 'well-run'?  Good Foundations recently conducted a survey to help identify "what makes a not-for-profit well-run?" The objective of the research was to clarify how the sector defines and measures whether or not a not-for-profit organisation is 'well-run'.  The survey indicated that the two most important elements in being well-run are:
  1. Being crystal clear on your purpose, vision and direction
  2. Having great people, with a particular focus on great leadership.
By reflecting on the issues raised in the survey it is hoped that ultimately as a sector we all move towards being better run. The full report and finding can be found here.  

Community Resource Handbooks – Volunteering QLD

These handbooks consolidate the knowledge gained through Volunteering QLD's community leadership work with more than 2,000 community groups over the past fifteen years. They are designed to assist community groups to begin, manage and grow. Content is tailored to help small charitable community groups run primarily by volunteers, with limited resources and time. Starting a Community Group Running an Effective Group Working with People Day to Day Operations Creating Connections Resources & Links