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Social Impact Bonds: The best of all worlds?

The ‘innovative finance’ model of Social Impact Bonds (SIBs) is being hailed as an answer to funding critical social problems. In this article, Associate Professor Public Governance Helen Dickinson looks at the hype and potential of SIBs and if they really are the best of all worlds.

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The Funding Network

The Funding Network is an Australian non-profit organisation that hosts live collective-giving events where like-minded individuals, foundations and corporations come together to create powerful social change. At each event, four social entrepreneurs running grassroots non-profit organisations pitch for funding from a philanthropic audience. In six-minute segments our speakers share their inspiring stories and invite guests to become part of innovative solutions to community issues. See here to read how TFN works and see here to ensure your organisation is eligible.

Top 10 tips for grant writing

Attention to detail is the key to drumming up financial support for a Not for Profit project, according WA grants consultant Tammy King who offers her top ten tips for grant writing. See more

Community Funding Workshops

The City of Melbourne provides free training for local community organisations to build their capacity to better manage and run their organisations. For more information visit their website.


View available Commonwealth government grants here.

Grants Victoria

Access all Victorian government grants here

Writing Funding Submissions

This document gives an introduction to writing funding submissions. Writing Funding Submissions

Is your program suitable for a social impact bond?

Is your program suitable for a social impact bond? A practical guide to help you self-assess your program’s appropriateness for a social impact bond (SIB). The social impact bond (SIB) innovation is gathering pace around the world and here in Australia, but it is still very early in the development of this nascent market. Expectations are high – from investors and service providers alike – but implemented contracts are thin on the ground, and players are learning on the job when new SIBs are developed. …the reality is that they are not a suitable funding instrument for all social programs. With two state governments having taken their first steps in trialling SIBs, many organisations are actively considering whether a SIB would suit their program. The allure of long term, large scale funding for a program is understandable, however there are many stars that need to align for a SIB to be viable. While SVA believes SIBs have the potential to provide significant benefits to governments, service providers and investors alike, the reality is that they are not a suitable funding instrument for all social programs. This article provides key questions that organisations thinking of embarking on the SIB journey should consider, and viability ‘rules of thumb’ for those questions.

Essential Guide to Online Fundraising- Third Sector

Essential Guide to Online Fundraising- Third Sector To help your organisation capitalise off this growing trend, Third Sector has partnered with Ezidebit to provide an inclusive guide to create effective online giving strategies. Download the free guide here.