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Financial Career Options

The Financial Career Options site helps visitors explore a variety of different career paths in the finance industry.  The site offers tips on where to find education and employment, and regularly publishes a blog with the latest finance news and trends written by financial experts.

The Potential and Limitations of Impact Bonds

This report from the Brookings Institution examines the lessons from the first five years of experience worldwide. Visit the webpage here or download the report ThePotential+LimitationsofImpactBonds.

Australian Not For Profit Accountants Network

The Australian For Profit Accountants Network have collated several links and resources that may provide guidance regarding finance, accounting and tax for not for profit organisations. See here for useful information meal entertainment, public benevolent institutions, salary packaging etc. See here for useful downloads via the ATO.

ATO Self Governance Checklist for NFP

This self-governance checklist has been produced by the Australian Tax Office to help organisations check how well they understand and manage their tax and super obligations. Download now ATO Self governance checklist for NFP

ATO Handover Checklist for NFP Administrators

This checklist will help you organisation handover its tax affairs to a new administrator. Download now ATO Handover checklist for not for profit administrators

ATO Tax Guide for Indigenous Corporations

This guide provides information on the tax requirements for Indigenous Corporations. Download here ATO ACCO

ACNC: Protect your charity from fraud

The Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission is the national regulator of charities. Charities (like any organisation) can be victims of crime, just as individuals can. There are lessons from ACNC's experience working with charities, and the experiences of others, that may help you guard against fraud and other crime. This guide draws on those experiences and sets out practical steps that every charity can take to protect itself. Pair it with the ACNC's Top 10 Tips for for fraud prevention factsheet.

Is your program suitable for a social impact bond?

Is your program suitable for a social impact bond? A practical guide to help you self-assess your program’s appropriateness for a social impact bond (SIB). The social impact bond (SIB) innovation is gathering pace around the world and here in Australia, but it is still very early in the development of this nascent market. Expectations are high – from investors and service providers alike – but implemented contracts are thin on the ground, and players are learning on the job when new SIBs are developed. …the reality is that they are not a suitable funding instrument for all social programs. With two state governments having taken their first steps in trialling SIBs, many organisations are actively considering whether a SIB would suit their program. The allure of long term, large scale funding for a program is understandable, however there are many stars that need to align for a SIB to be viable. While SVA believes SIBs have the potential to provide significant benefits to governments, service providers and investors alike, the reality is that they are not a suitable funding instrument for all social programs. This article provides key questions that organisations thinking of embarking on the SIB journey should consider, and viability ‘rules of thumb’ for those questions.

Small Business SuccessMap

Small Business SuccessMap is a Victorian Government initiative to help stimulate growth and resilience in small businesses by supporting business owners and managers to build their business planning and management capability through specialist assistance, tools and templates The program supports business owners and managers to build their business planning and management capability and to become more responsive in a changing business environment.  An independent business planning specialist will work with eligible businesses to assess their strategic goals and objectives, and help them develop and implement business and workforce development plans. To apply for this program, click here.

Bank Australia-VCOSS Finance Network events

The Bank Australia (formerly bankmecu)–VCOSS Finance Network is a forum for those in Victorian community sector organisations who make decisions regarding organisational finance. The Finance Network has been running since 2011 and continues to build the capacity of the Victorian community sector.

VCOSS highly values our partnership with Bank Australia and greatly appreciates the ongoing commitment of Bank Australia to the development and sustainability of the Victorian community sector.

See information on past events on the links below: 2016    2015    2014    2013    2012    2011

To be informed of future Finance Network Events sign up to the VCOSS enews.