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The Foundations of a well-run Not-for-Profit

What makes a not-for-profit 'well-run'?  Good Foundations recently conducted a survey to help identify "what makes a not-for-profit well-run?" The objective of the research was to clarify how the sector defines and measures whether or not a not-for-profit organisation is 'well-run'.  The survey indicated that the two most important elements in being well-run are:
  1. Being crystal clear on your purpose, vision and direction
  2. Having great people, with a particular focus on great leadership.
By reflecting on the issues raised in the survey it is hoped that ultimately as a sector we all move towards being better run. The full report and finding can be found here.  

Evaluation resources from the Australian Institute of Family Studies

Evaluating Programs Resource Sheet

Evaluating Programs Resource Sheet This Resource Sheet from the Communities and Families Clearinghouse Australia in 2011 is aimed at providing program practitioners and providers with a range of resources relating to conducting program or practice evaluation.

Basic Guide to Program Evaluation

Basic Guide to Program Evaluation This website provides guidance toward planning and implementing an evaluation process for for-profit and not for profit programs. This guide includes many models of evaluation that can be applied to a range of programs, including  goals-based, process-based, outcomes-based, etc.

Resources to Support Program Evaluation

The Global Social Change Research Project provide free resources for program evaluation. This website includes "What is program evaluation" beginners guides and links to a large number of free on line resources, books, manuals, guides about evaluation and related topics, such as surveys, interviews, statistical analysis, how to present results, free software, and more.