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Environmental Practice

Environmental resource translations – Environment Victoria

As part of the Sustainability for Diverse Communities Resource Hub, Environment Victoria pulled together plenty of sustainability translations covering:
  • Waste and recycling
  • Consumerism and chemicals
  • Energy and climate change
  • Gardening, composting and food
  • Water
  • Public housing
  • Backyard biodiversity and more
You'll find them on this page sorted by topic.

Ten principles of sustainability work with diverse communities – Environment Victoria

Influencing a culture which is not your own can be hard, but with more than six years of experience in working on sustainability with culturally and linguistically diverse communities (and 15 years working in behaviour change), Environment Victoria has learnt a few things which make it a whole lot easier. Here are our 10 golden rules for making your multicultural sustainability projects effective.

Free resources for running sustainability workshops – Environment Victoria

These resources include session plans, booklets to give out, PowerPoint presentations, even evaluation forms and certificates. They're designed as a series of four workshops, on Energy and Climate, Water, Smart Shopping and Waste, and a final celebration workshop. But you could run any of the workshops on their own, and all of our resources can be edited so you can adapt them to what works for you.

What Can I do Right Now?

What Can I Do Right Now? Is an initiative of the Carbon Compass Program. This resource assist you to take easy steps to make your organisation a more environmentally friendly place with these easy to implement ideas.

GreenPC Infoxchange

GreenPC refurbishes is an initiative of Infoxchange. Infoxchange receives used computers from government and business organisations and makes them available to those who might not usually be able to afford a new computer system.

Green Collect e-waste collection service

Green Collect e-waste collection service is a social enterprise offering work and training opportunities to people who have experienced barriers to employment. Green Collect's reUSE program aims to reduce waste, encourage reuse and support community groups with limited resources by collecting and recycling electronic items including televisions, computers, monitors, laptops, printers, batteries, cd's, videos.

Environmental Practice

Coefficiency supports the not for profit sector to operate with organisational and environmental sustainability. Leadership in Sustainability  is a peer education resource for NFPs that are interested in improving their sustainability. Watch NFP Leaders from the series discussing the benefits of improving sustainability.