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As part of a training partnership between VCOSS and the Australian Institute of Management (AIM) VCOSS are pleased to offer four free training opportunities each month to the staff (and volunteers where appropriate) of VCOSS member organisations (categories 1 – 5 only). 

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Course name and code Date Course value
Manage Meetings – code: MM2017AIM

A successful meeting delivers meaningful outcomes without being an unwelcome disruption to the day. This short course explores what it takes to plan and lead an effective, engaging and productive meeting. By exploring the factors that influence a meeting’s outcomes, you’ll learn how to structure your meetings strategically, manage the time wisely, facilitate discussion and achieve and report on clear results.

Anyone required to plan and lead meetings focused on positive outcomes will find this course essential for enhancing this vital career skill.

Thurs 6 July $715
Contract Management – code: CM2017AIM

This short course offers a practical guide to managing contracts. Explore the contract lifecycle, from tendering and negotiating to managing risk and administering contracts. Foster sustainable relationships with suppliers through better management of the tendering and selection process, monitoring the performance of suppliers, managing risk and resolving disagreements more effectively.

This course is ideal if your current role involves managing contracts between your organisation and external suppliers of goods and services on a regular basis.

Tues 11 & Wed 12 July $1450
Workforce Planning – code: WP2017AIM

An organisation is most effective when the right people are deployed appropriately, but achieving this is a strategically complex process. This one-day course explores the concept of workforce planning, introducing how to effectively evaluate and forecast your organisation’s ongoing needs by profiling your workplace, analysing supply and demand and devising strategies to minimise workforce gaps.

This course is ideal for senior managers and business leaders whose role involves workforce planning and establishing resourcing strategies.

Mon 24 July $715
Effective Workplace Relationships – code: EWR2017AIM

Being an effective communicator in the workplace is an invaluable trait. This short course is designed to build your interpersonal skills by teaching you to be more responsive to others and foster positive workplace relationships. You’ll focus on communication and behaviour, and learn how to create and maintain workplace networks that are based on a culture of feedback, openness and trust.

If you’d like to create stronger relationships at work, this course will enable you to build trust with colleagues and managers throughout your organisation.

Thurs 27 July $715

All courses are held at AIM Melbourne, Level 20, 380 La Trobe Street, Melbourne

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