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ECIA VC: (Workshop 2) The NEXT STEP COACH APPROACH with Jacqui Snider

March 20 @ 9:30 am - March 21 @ 5:00 pm

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This 2-day course is an interactive experience designed to build on the coaching skills learned in the Foundation Coach Approach workshop. Practitioners will learn about models of practice used internationally and explore their application to practice in the Australian context. Through further reflection and practice, the participant will take their skill, confidence and flexibility in using a Coaching Interaction Style to the next level.

Our goal is for practitioners to have a deeper experience of effective coaching conversations in the use of the Expert Coach Approach in the home and the preschool and school settings. It is focused on practical strategies, the how to have a collaborative partnership that is respectful and supportive, yet aims to empower the client and create ownership of the intervention process.

Learning Outcomes:
Build on your coaching skills from the Foundation Coach Approach Workshop
Practice Coaching Joint Planning, Observation, Action, Reflection
Practice Coaching Feedback (Affirmative, Evaluative, Directive, Informative)
Modelling strategies for parents
Practice Applying Coaching Parents in Natural Environments, Child Interests, Everyday Activities Settings/Opportunities, Parent Responsiveness
Explore, integrate and practice coaching with a framework for home and kinder visits
Develop more coaching questions and conversations that promote Capacity Building for families
Grow your coaching skill through feedback and self reflection

Who is this workshop designed for?
This workshop is aimed at all practitioners working in Early Intervention, (including therapists, educators, psychologists, team leaders, PSFO’s).

Best PD session I have experienced.
Thanks Jacqui and Shannon, your experiences and presenting style was engaging, thought provoking and confidence building thanks!
I really liked the section on Mindset and would be interested to learn more about the coaching.
The coaching model is refreshing.
Thank you – it was a great workshop.
Best workshop I’ve ever attended.

Over the past 26 years, Jacqui Snider has worked as a qualified Occupational Therapist and Accredited Coach in a wide range of settings, including Mental Health, Community Health, Occupational Health and Safety, School Aged and Early Intervention services. Currently she runs a highly successful part time Private Occupational Therapy and Coaching practice, as well as working in a Not for Profit organization as an Early Intervention Therapy Team Leader for families with children with a disability.

Jacqui facilitates, trains and coaches Early Intervention Practitioners to work in “true partnership” with families and colleagues in a way that engages, empowers and builds the confidence and capacity of people to achieve the outcomes of their choice.

In addition, Jacqui coaches parents of children with a disability to work effectively with and advocate for the best outcome for their child. Jacqui is also skilled at facilitating parents to manage stress and cope more effectively with the challenges life produces. Jacqui is focused on facilitating parents to respond to these challenges in a way that will positively impact on the health and wellbeing of both themselves and others in their family.

Jacqui has a keen interest in the strategies people employ to motivate themselves to achieve the outcomes they wish for, in their lives. She has extensively studied the theory and practice behind this aspect of human behavior and has applied this knowledge in her personal life. Jacqui has used these strategies to conquer running 5 marathons, including the 2011 New York Marathon. She completed the Oxfam 100km walk in under 20 hours and continues to participate in both physical and intellectual activities that take her well out of her comfort zone.

Throughout her career, Jacqui has assisted people of all ages to identify realistically what they wanted from life. She has used her skills to identify what information; skills or resources they needed to achieve their goals and together with the client, developed a targeted coordinated plan of action. Becoming an accredited coach was a natural progression for Jacqui and has complemented her qualification skill set.

Jacqui has a holistic and balanced approach to her life and her work and has made it her life passion to help others to do the same. Her well-developed creative and lateral thinking skills are ideal, attributes which have been utilized to produce realistic and practical outcomes.

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Event Name: ECIA VC: (Workshop 2) The NEXT STEP COACH APPROACH with Jacqui Snider
Event Start: March 20 @ 9:30 am
Event End: March 21 @ 5:00 pm
Event Venue: Unnamed Venue
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Organiser: Early Childhood Intervention Australia , Victorian Chapter (ECIA VC)
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